Xalapa Cycles / Dinesh Rao 


Xalapa Cycle #1

A warbler gleans its way through

the unknown tree; with dark green leaves

scatter-showering panicked leafhoppers

After those dreary weeks of collateral rains,

echoes of distant hurricanes,

Today feels like spring.


The battlefield of light is prepared


Colibrí and butterfly, wasp and hoverfly

slice up the air into a

tapestry of allegiances and disputes


The air is still, the clouds are fine

under the blue, over the green

The world hums with intent.


Xalapa Cycle #2

Frente Frío # 22 roared in yesterday

The evening sky lit up

in sun scattered hues

A premonition of temblors

The cold wind

weaseled into the house, 

relentlessly probing.


Early morning before dawn, in the blue hour,

the world thrums with seashell-sea murmur

with uneasy barks and bird yelps

Outside, up above, through

the usual fluttering niqab of neblina;

A sudden glimpse of stars, bright as

they should be,

Old friends long missed

I gaze into the past, shivering.

Dinesh Rao (originally from India) is an arachnologist living in a small coffee town in Mexico. He has a blog at pointsofdeparture.wordpress.com.